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Stickywords Marketing originally started in Vancouver, BC in 2008 as a web content writing company. We currently specialize in setting up and optimizing Google Adwords Campaigns, installing and troubleshooting Google Analytics and providing Search Engine Optimization based on analysis of your website data.


Inspiration for Stickywords Marketing

The inspiration for naming my business Stickywords Marketing came from the a best selling book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive While Others Die by authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath.


In the words of the authors, “We wrote this book to help you make your ideas stick. By “stick” we mean that your ideas are understood and remembered, and have a lasting impact – they change your audience’s opinions or behavior.”


Some ideas can last in our memories for days, weeks or even years after they are presented to us. Others ideas die by the vine shortly after we hear about them. By striving to incorporate the 6 principles presented in Make to Stick, your marketing messages can and will be more memorable with your audiences.

  1. Simplicity - Boil the idea or message down and present it in its simplest form, regardless of how complex it starts out.
  2. Unexpectedness - Shock or surprise your audience to attention and evoke genuine curiosity and interest.
  3. Concreteness - Present ideas in concrete and easy to visualize ways so that they can quickly understand and relate to your ideas, even if they might be abstract to begin with
  4. Credibility - Use common or believable evidence so that your ideas aren’t automatically dispelled as untruthful or fabricated.
  5. Emotional - People have to care about your idea to want to remember it so aim connect to people on an emotional level rather than bombarding them with statistics and policies
  6. Stories - Put your ideas into interesting stories so that people can follow along and imagine themselves in the same scenario, thereby further improving their ability to remember the message you are trying to get across.


Chief Wordsmith Bio

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I am a 30 something Chinese Canadian who was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’ve recently moved to Seattle, Washington and love my new home.


Across different industries, my title and my everyday client work has different names. To those working in the realm of Web Design and Internet Marketing, I am called a Digital Marketing Specialist or Search Engine Marketer. To those working in Public Relations and Communications, I am considered a Communications Consultant or Communications Specialist. To small business owners, I am their Web mMarketing Guy.


My friends and colleagues might describe me as a cheerful fellow with good listening skills, a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing. I would tend to agree, and I would also add that I am a person that is driven by an insatiable, entrepreneurial thirst for more knowledge in this field. It has always been in my slightly introverted nature to listen and learn first and to speak after.


It’s important for me to listen to the pain points of my clients and then combine all of the marketing and communications technique I know in order to help them achieve their digital marketing goals.


How did I get here?

I graduated with a degree in Communications and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in 2004.  I had a great university experience that taught me more than just academic theories and facts. A significant accomplishment in my life was completing my Business Diploma while working a full-time job. It was the most intense year and a half of my life and it taught me many of the soft skills and the technical skills that I use in my business every day. Most importantly, SFU instilled the mindset that learning continues long after we finish school.


I’ve continued following my curiosity and delving deep into the constantly changing world of digital marketing. Along this journey, I’ve become a student of Search Engine Optimization, Google’s various different products, content marketing and social media marketing.


What am I doing now?

At the moment I’m very quickly transitioning my business and personal life from Canada over to the United States. I continue to work with a handful of regular clients in various industries ranging from transportation to construction to manufacturing. I am also actively seeking a medium to large sized company to work for in the Greater Seattle area.

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